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Harp N Guitar-
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Learn Harmonica and Guitar

Online videos provide the guidance to help you sound great on Harp N Guitar

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Free Lessons
* Learn Classic Blues, Rock and Folk Riffs on Harmonica
* Song Lessons Especially Arranged for Harp N Guitar
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* Guaranteed To Teach You How To Bend Notes on the Harmonica
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Become The Musician You Want To Be. Become a Harp N Guitarist.

Step-by-step high-def videos provide the foundation and building blocks you
need to quickly learn how to play the harmonica and guitar, both separately
and together, to play melodies and solos confidently on the harmonica to a
rhythm acoustic accompaniment.
The Harp N Guitar program is arranged into video series that follow a logical
learning progression allowing you to focus in on a particular aspect of
learning harmonica and guitar.

Online Instruction Available

Where You Are

When You Want It

Harp N Guitar Video Series

Blues Chart and Cheat Sheet

Blues Chart and Cheat Sheet

The Keys To The Blues video series explores the Blues on Harmonica and
Guitar by way of the Blues Chart and Cheat Sheet for Harp N Guitar.
Harmonica Essentials

Harmonica Essentials

Get knowledgeable, confident and sounding great on harmonica!
Harmonica Cheat Sheets

Harmonica Cheat Sheets

Learn the notes, blow and draw, for all chords in all keys.
Harp Riffs

Harp Riffs

Learn how to play famous awesome sounding licks and melodies on
Guitar Essentials

Guitar Essentials

This beginner level video series is all about getting familiar with the
acoustic guitar and covers essentials that the new guitarist needs t...
Guitar Maintenance

Guitar Maintenance

Sometimes the old guitar needs some tender loving care. That's the case
with my camping guitar. This series of videos looks at the proces...
Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords

This video series is all about Chords. * How they are named and
constructed. * How to read chord diagrams. * Tips on how to get good
Rhythm Guitar and Strumming

Rhythm Guitar and Strumming

Get good at rhythm guitar. Learn how to count rhythms and play them
smoothly and expertly
Finger Picking

Finger Picking

The next step to making your rhythm guitar playing sound great is to
incorporate finger picking.
Harmonica and Guitar

Harmonica and Guitar

This video series bring the guitar and harmonica together. Learn how to
choose the correct key harmonica and then learn where the notes that...
The Blues

The Blues

What makes up the Blues? How do we get that Blues sound? Learn to play
the Blues on Guitar and Harmonica - 12 Bar Blues, Chords, Scales,


Classic Rock, Blues and Folk song lessons arranged for Harp N Guitar

Harp N Guitar PDF Library

Guitar and Harmonica Method-

Guitar and Harmonica Method
Bent Harmonica - Draw Bends on the Diatonic Harmonica-

Bent Harmonica
George Goodman's Harmonica Cheat Sheets-

Harmonica Cheat Sheets
Keys To The Blues - Blues Chart and Cheat Sheet for Harp N

Keys to the Blues

Video Testimonials

Thanks man! This is a great lesson. I looked at others before I
found yours and yours really puts it all together in a way that
suits my learning style.
Jon Drayna

I've been working on Neil Young's `Heart of Gold'. You made it very
fun, easy and enjoyable to work on. Thank you very much.

George - this is a really great lesson! Showing the strumming
pattern was great. Thanks so much!
K West


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